- What to Expect -
New Family Members
Initial Consultation
Report and First Adjustment

New Family members will receive the following initial care outline:

During your first visit with us, we will record a full health and lifestyle history, what your current health status is and what led you to seek chiropractic care.  

Following the History we will perform a unique Chiropractic examination including the following:

  • Assessment of your spine and nervous system 

  • Postural Analysis

  • If needed, we may refer you for X-Rays.

In your second visit we will go over your initial consultation results, and discuss your care plan.

  • We will talk about what we found and the current state of your spine and nervous system functioning.

  • Discuss any questions you may have in regards to these results and why you are presenting this way.

  • What to expect going forward.

  • We will then explain your care plan, what techniques best suit you, and then perform your first chiropractic adjustment.

Throughout the duration of your care plan, your body will be undergoing many changes. A progress visit may be done to assess where you are at and what the best plan is for you from here.

  • We will perform some of the original tests done on the initial visit and then compare the changes to today's results.

New Animal Member

New Animal members will receive a similar initial care outline to Family members:

During their first visit with us, a full health and lifestyle history will be taken,  followed by unique Chiropractic examination including the following:

  • Assessment of their spine and nervous system 

  • Postural and Gait Analysis

  • Saddle analysis for Equine.

  • If needed, the Rider may wish to get a chiropractic examination as well, as the rider can affect how the horse rides and therefore functions.

Following the Chiropractic examination we will go over the initial consultation results, and discuss the best care plan suited for your animal.​ 


Your animal will then be adjusted! Animal's respond really well to Chiropractic care, so keep an eye out for some amazing changes!

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