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Dr. Julia ChurchillB.Chiro, Animal Chiropractor Certified by the IVCA

Julia's interest in the human body began from a young age but it wasn't until her late teens after battling with chronic eczema and a back injury that she found natural health care was the way to go. She began seeing a chiropractor for her injury which sparked the beginning of her Chiropractic journey. 

After graduating from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic she  was quickly awarded a scholarship to study animal chiropractic at Options for Animals in Kansas, USA. Incredibly passionate about animals, this was what Julia had been looking forward to since discovering chiropractic. 

As an Professional Aerialist (Aerial dancer) with almost 30 years of dancing experience under her belt, her knowledge of the body and its capabilities is just one of the advantages Julia has, having witnessed her own body's limits in strength and flexibility. 

You'll often find Julia out in nature, enjoying walks, and interacting with animals with her little girl, training at her aerial studio, and spending time surrounded by family & friends.

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