If you are new to chiropractic or just new to Liberated, you may find some of this information useful...

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic in one easy sentence is about making sure that our nervous system is functioning at its absolute best. The functionality of your nervous system and its relation to the spine can impact many aspects of daily living. Organ function, muscle strength, mobility, mind power and sleep are just a few things people notice change when they are subluxated. However most of us won't even know that we are subluxated, meaning that on a day to day basis our bodies are functioning below optimal with out us even batting an eye! Getting checked regularly by your chiropractor can help kick your body back to optimal functioning so you can do the things you like to do!








Most of us know that our brain controls everything in our body and our spinal cord & nerves relay that information to and from your body. Our spine is made up of many highly moveable segments and these segments create a protection armour, if you like, around our spinal cord. However the segments of your spine can sometimes lose their normal range of motion which can impact on how messages are being sent between the brain and body. This is what Chiropractors call a 'Subluxation'. As your chiropractor, we will check and analyse your spine, locating any areas of subluxations. Using a Chiropractic Adjustment, your Chiropractor can facilitate in your body's ability to return to a more optimal state of health and allow your body to function at a higher level.

If you have any questions about Chiropractic and want to know more about what we do here at Liberated Chiropractic, please give us a call or make an appointment, we would love to help guide you on your journey to a better self.

"The power that made the body, heals the body"
- B.J Palmer | Developer of Chiropractic
Why do animals need chiropractic care?

Like Humans, Animals also experience stresses of daily living. 

Knowing your animals daily activities and 'Job' is an important part of our initial consultation and examination. Whether your animal competes in racing, jumping, eventing or is just a pet, they will go through some kind of stress in their lifetime. 

Getting a regular check up can improve your animals ability to cope in these stressful situations, and function better throughout. 

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